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Rolls and Butter
Pickles, Olives and Pepper Tray
Garden Salad, Fresh Herb Bean Salad
Tomato, Cucumber, Pepper and Feta Salad
Diced Potato Dijon Salad
2 Chef's Choice Salads
Fresh Vegetable Platter with Peppered Sour Cream Dressing
Assortment of Canadian and Imported Cheese
Selection of Sweet Desserts
Coffee and Tea
(Minimum of 30 people)

Lunch Buffet Enhancements
Meat or Vegetarian Lasagna with Romano Cheese
Mediterranean Chicken
Black Bean and Ginger Fried Beef
Baked 3-Cheese Penne Vegetarian or Meat
Roast Chicken with Italian Spices
Braised Alberta Beef Goulash with Bell Peppers
Filet of Poached Salmon (Bruschetta Style)
Carved Roast Beef or Ham or Turkey
Baked Alberta Beef Meat Loaf with Wild Mushrooms and Green Peppercorns
Carved Prime Rib

Hot Items, when appropriate will be served with Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Turmeric and Garlic Rice or Roasted Potatoes

*Roast Beef, Ham or Turkey will be carved by a chef based on 50 or more people, otherwise it will be pre-sliced.

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